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HiThermCon Industrial Furnaces Inc. offers solutions for industrial furnaces used in;

  • Aluminum,
  • Iron-Steel,
  • Copper & Copper Alloys

sectors. Our services are listed below under main headings:

  • Industrial Furnace Systems Production

    We carry out the manufacture of our furnaces with modern techniques with a professional project management approach. Custom project design, heat transfer calculations, observation and quality management are some of the methods we use.

  • Installation

    Product assembly with innovative installation techniques.

  • Service and Spare Parts

    Throughout the life cycle, we keep the information of the furnaces we provide to our customers in our database. When necessary, we produce parts in line with these data and provide service and spare parts support within or outside of the warranty.

  • Maintenance and Inspection

    Our expert team examines our customers' equipment, provides maintenance advice and performs necessary repairs, coordination and observation of activities related to furnaces, and performs quality assurance controls in line with established standards.

  • Modernization and Modification

    We carry out modernization and modification processes to increase the product quality of our industrial furnace systems, to increase the efficiency of the combustion systems, to accelerate the heat treatment process and to reduce emissions.

  • Commissioning

    We commission our furnaces in optimum time, carry out the necessary surveillance tests, and provide the necessary operator trainings for the use of the systems.

  • Industrial Automation

    Industrial furnace automation, machine and process automation, protective safety automation, energy monitoring systems automation, process automation...